Adamas Optics, LLC

Valued suppliers of plastic optics

many lenses Welcome to! Here at Adamas Optics, our focus is on plastic optics, and we have decades of expertise in meeting technical challenges of all kinds with cost-effective solutions. We apply optomechanical engineering excellence in designing, prototyping, and producing products of diverse sizes, shapes, and quantities.

Our In-House Capabilities Include:

  • Optomechanical design
  • Diamond-turning of plastics and metals
  • Optical mold design and mold fabrication
  • Prototype and pilot production molding
  • Production molding (injection and compression)
  • Thin-film design and coating
  • Assembly of optics and housings
  • Physical and optical metrology

What we do

Aspheric, Diffractive,
and Fresnel Optics


Molded Lens Arrays


Injection Molded Lenses


Plastic Aspheric Surfaces


Anti-Reflective Coatings